ICRA 2016 Workshop: "Application of the theoretical background in Parallel Robotics to other research areas "


Since a few decades, parallel robots have attracted the attention in industry and academia. They are relevant for industrial applications due to their large payload-to-mass ratio, high stiffness and high acceleration capacity. Several scientific problems related to design, modelling and control arise because of the inherent complexity of parallel robots. A lot of scientific research work on parallel robotics has been carried out the last few decades leading to very good results. However, those results should:

  1. be compiled in a way to be easily used by researchers, teachers, and students for their training and research work
  2. be disseminated and applied to other research/applications fields

This workshop aims at filling this gap. Therefore, we intend to cover and present the main topics on parallel robot design, modelling and control, the theoretical background and finally to show how these tools / results may be applied to other research fields such (non-exhaustive list) dual-arm manipulation, dexterous handling, humanoids, manipulation of deformable bodies, robot machining and biology.

This workshop is supported by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on "RAS TC on Mechanisms and Design" (http://robotmechanisms.org).


The workshop aims at presenting both a state-of-the-art of the theoretical tools used for the analysis of parallel robots and showing how those theoretical results could be efficiently applied to solve complex scientific issues related to other research fields.

We would like to mention, that, due to this specific topic, we have decided to organize only two types of sessions:

  • keynote sessions (8 invited speakers)
  • a round table at the end of the day

The workshop program is detailed in the tab "PROGRAM".


The presentations of the workshop will be available on the workshop webpage (after the event).

The speakers will be invited to submit a chapter for a book dedicated to this workshop in the new Springer book series called “Parallel Robots: Theory and Applications” (Eds. J.-P. Merlet, P. Martinet, S. Briot).

Note on registration

People willing to take part in the workshop must register on the ICRA 2016 website.